Q is for Question: An ABC of Philosophy 

By Tiffany Poirier (O Books, 2009)

This illustrated non-fiction philosophy book for children is about life’s most important questions. Through thought-provoking and playful verse, Q is for Question asks open-ended questions that guide a child to discover, debate and articulate his or her own true beliefs.  BUY NOW


Teaching With Heart

Tiffany contributed a teaching story to Teaching With Heart, eds. Sam M., Intrator and Megan Scribner.  (Jossey-Bass, May 19, 2014).  Download a sample chapter (Tiffany’s story is on page 14): READ EXCERPT


Courage & Renewal

“The Teaching Coats Project” is the title of Tiffany’s guest blog post at where she describes her journey creating this professional development program by the same name.


Teacher Newsmagazine

Tiffany’s article in The Tyee is reprinted in two parts in the BCTF Teacher Newsmagazine:  Part 1: How to Foster Young Philosophers (Nov-Dec., 2009) and Part 2: Do Kids Need Philosophy? (March, 2010).


The Tyee

“Let’s Teach Kids Philosophy” is published as a part of The Teacher Diaries series in The Tyee on Nov. 27, 2007


Synergy Magazine

“Let’s Teach Kids Philosophy” is reprinted  in Synergy Magazine on Jan. 4, 2008


The Tyee

“How to Foster Young Philosophers” is published as a follow-up in The Teacher Diaries series in The Tyee on Sep. 8, 2009

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